What to Use Instead of Plastic?

What to Use Instead of Plastic?

ByGroovy Green Jan 9, 2020

In recent years, the world has completely 180-degree turned on plastic use. Instead of being the most versatile and convenient option around, according to its users, it has become the most burdensome for the planet and a thorn for sustainability.

Because most of this generation has grown up with plastic products, it can be hard to flick that switch off right away to focus on sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Some people may not even know what they can use instead. So, what can replace plastic in your everyday life? Read on to find out.

Single-Use Servingware

When you are hosting a barbecue or community event, it can be hard to find serving ware that’s both convenient and safe for the environment. While you could encourage people to bring their plates and cutlery, it’s just not practical. Sometimes, plastic seems like the only way. But it’s not.

Instead of plastic cutlery and plates, which will end up in the rubbish bin within minutes of its one-time use, you can use wood or bamboo. There is now a myriad of different eco-friendly serving ware options. While they, too, can be single-use, they break down in the environment and release nutrients into the soil. You can’t say the same about plastic.

Shopping Bags

There are now 127 countries that have adopted legislation regarding single-use plastic bags. Mostly, they are now banned in those countries. So, what are you supposed to use instead? Muslin pouches and other cloth and material bags should be your go-to option from now on. Store them in the boot of your car, so you never forget them. You can also use these bags while retail shopping.


Did you know the world is using around half a billion plastic straws every day? That means as many as 8.3 billion straws pollute the world’s beaches. Don’t contribute to these saddening statistics. Instead of buying plastic straws, you can make use of several other options for sale that promote sustainability in the best way.

You can now buy silicone, stainless steel, and other reusable straws that you can clean and stow away in a pouch in your handbag. The next time you visit a restaurant, you can say “no thanks” to their offering of a plastic straw, and pull out your own that will continue to serve you well for years to come.


There are going to be some parts of your life that appear a little harder on the surface without plastic. Take deli-made foods and bulk buys, for example. How are you supposed to store those pick and mix lollies that generally come in plastic bags? Glass is your new best friend. Have no doubts about visiting your local supermarket with glass jars in your trolley. The shop assistant will be impressed at your dedication to sustainability.

Plastic may have been our past, but it’s not our future. Everything from shopping bags to packaging and single-use serving ware is now in the spotlight. Jump on the sustainability bandwagon and invest in products that will help, not harm the environment.