Fun Themes to Try in Your Landscape Design

Fun Themes to Try in Your Landscape Design

ByGroovy Green Mar 26, 2024

If you’ve been thumbing through the pages of a home and landscape design magazine, you’ll quickly learn that there can be a lot more to the process than you might have first thought. While you can have a few ideas and designs in mind, the best landscape design is one with a theme. But what theme is going to work for you? Here are a few fun options to show your landscape expert before you begin.

An English Country Cottage

While many parts of Australia are far too hot to really pull off an English cottage look, some boast the perfect conditions. Talk to your local landscaping experts about the best flowers to offer premium ground cover and colour.

It also helps if you have the basis for that cottage appeal, such as a country-style home, rolling lawns, and shady trees. Your landscaper can then work their magic with a pond or waterfall renovation and dozens of beautiful cottage flowers to complete the look.

Cool, Calm, and Collected

If you want your garden to be a reflection of your ‘cool, calm, and collected’ personality, then maybe a touch of European in your landscape design is the answer. Europeans love their hedges to be meticulously pruned and maintained with straight lines and dense bush.

European yards also have spacious courtyards with minimal hassle or fuss, a feature fountain, and resting areas. Talk to your local landscaper to see what they can do for you.

Tropical Paradise

If you love the idea of living in a tropical paradise, then make it a reality. Fill your yard with ferns, bright flowers, generously leafy plants, and maybe even a water fountain. Bright colours and the addition of a few tiki torches can complete the look.

The Wild, Wild West

You could have dreams of waterfalls, ponds, and lush lawns, but your climate might have other ideas. Without using hundreds of litres of precious water, you may not be able to hold onto those dreams. Why not go in the opposite direction with a southwest American theme?

Use bright containers and pots and fill them with drought-tolerant plants, cacti, and deciduous trees. Pathways with stones or rocks can also look authentic, as can patio areas with stucco walls.

While having a theme in mind for your landscape design is a good idea; it’s not always necessary. Your yard can be a blank canvas, and it can take a helping hand from an expert to turn it into something spectacular. Give your local landscaper a call and put your heads together. You may be able to come up with a brand new theme that suits both your needs and your home’s styling.