What To Look For In A Pair Of Sustainable Pair Of Western Boots

What To Look For In A Pair Of Sustainable Pair Of Western Boots

ByGroovy Green Jun 29, 2022

Some will buy a pair of leather western boots from kaderbootco.com.au and think of no more than whether they like the style and that the price seems good value for money. There is nothing wrong with that approach. However, if you are someone whose radar is tuned, not only to buy the best western boots at a reasonable price but also how the products you buy impact the environment, then your thought process when buying your western boots will be somewhat different.

It will be different because a factor in your buying decision will be the level to which any pair of western boots can be considered sustainable. In addition, there will be varying degrees by which people will measure sustainability, and they may even have contrasting definitions of what sustainability means.

For some, sustainability means that every element of a product has to be proven to be from an ethical source and that nothing used to make it can come from any living creature. At the other end of the scale will be those where the level of sustainability does not need to reach such heights and as long as they feel the manufacturing of the boots and the materials used come from sustainable and renewable sources, they are content.

Our intention here is not to specify which of these two approaches or any approach in between is the right one. If you are happy with your approach, then it is right for you, which is the important point. What we will do though is give you pointers as to what to look for, or to ask the retailer or brand selling the western boots, so that you can determine their sustainability credentials.


One of the most basic environmental and sustainability principles is the longer a product lasts and works then the less need there is to replace it and thus use resources to do so. It follows, therefore, that a well-made durable pair of western boots will not require leather or other resources as soon to replace them.

Leather Sourcing

Probably uppermost in the minds of those looking for sustainable western boots is the source of the leathers used to make them. Ideally, this should be from sources where the hides are only obtained from cattle who have died naturally and not for any other reason, including beef products.

Sources Of Other Materials

Western boots usually require other materials for the manufacturing of parts such as the heel, stitching,  sole, and lining, as well as dyes. In all cases, the materials used can be natural rather than synthetic, and more important than that, can come from renewable sources which replenish the environment.

Manufacturing Processes

There is an obvious divide in terms of their environmental impact between factories mass-producing leather products, and smaller, often family-run, businesses whose leather products are all handmade. It is the latter that is the desirable one and why many brands use them to make their western boots.

Ethical Working Practices

Finally, we come to working practices and the desire that the people who are employed to make the western boots you are considering be treated fairly and ethically. This applies to the hours they are expected to work and also that they receive a fair wage for the work that they do, using their considerable skills.