About Us

Groovy Green was started as a way to organize the large amounts of information swirling about the little town of Ithaca, NY concerning renewable energy and sustainable living. Over the past few months, it has branched out to cover national and international news, products, and the people fighting to make a difference in promoting sustainability. Through this website, we hope to get others involved–not just in community events–but also in national and international discussions or organizations that directly effect the ‘green movement’. Together we can all do a little more to reduce consumption, improve health, and find cleaner alternatives to power the gadgets, cars, and lives we lead today.

This is the time for taking action in our lives. We will be expanding our focus to include ways that you can become more self-sufficient, as well as challenging ourselves at GG as a way of inspiring others.

As we continue to evolve, we look forward to expanding the number of contributors to provide a broad spectrum of ideas from around the country and around the world. We strive to become the People’s Green Magazine: There are a tremendous amount of great environmental writers out there, and an increasing (and sometimes overwhelming) number of “green blogs”. Groovy Green will be a place where good writers can come to post articles and blog posts to a larger audience–while maintaining their own personal writing. We don’t want to be restrictive–hell we want writers to promote their own site! Many good writers have a small but dedicated audience of readers – we want to recruit authors from the sea of blogs out there and give them a platform to stand together on.