Eco Fashion Q&A: Who’s Got Green Jeans?

Eco Fashion Q&A: Who’s Got Green Jeans?

ByGroovy Green Feb 6, 2007

After a week of being sick with a nasty sinus cold, I’m happy to be back on my green fashion beat. This week’s question comes from Chris: How about some choices for blue jeans? Fair Trade – Organic?

Well, we have stumbled upon my favorite subject: denim. I’m one of those folks that can’t have too many pairs of jeans. Of course, these days, I do not buy any denim that isn’t eco-friendly, whether it be made of sustainable materials, fair trade/sweatshop free, or vintage.

When it comes to “green” denim choices, there are more than just a few! Researching companies for this post, I easily complied a list of over 30 brands; some just for men and others are ladies’ only. So, without furthur ado, here is that list:

Mens and Womens
* Edun
* Loomstate
* Howies
* Rawganique
* Levi’s Eco
* Kuyichi
* Bread Denim
* Certified Jeans
* EBlood Clothing
* Komodo
* Ideo
* Hemper Jeans
Mission Playground
Of The Earth
Sling and Stones

Mens Only
* Hempest
* IPath
* Planet Earth Green Label
* Justice Clothing
* Grn Apple Tree
* Livity
* No Sweat Apparel
* Satori Movement
* Swirlspace

Womens Only
* Del Forte
* Linda Loudermilk
* Carol Young/Undesigned
* Anna Cohen
* Grace & Cello
* Oqoqo

Organic cotton and hemp are the most common fabrics for green denim, though we can’t forget the joys of vintage blues as well. Often much more affordable than newly-manufactured eco-denim, vintage jeans also present the delicious option of being truly unique; its pretty hard for someone to have the same pants when they are over 20 years old. ;) If you still have a pair of jeans that are in pretty good condition, check out the Q&A post from last week that features denim repair tips.

Chris, I hope this list-tastic post helped to answer your question pretty thoroughly. As usual, if our great readers have anything to add about green denim options, make sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Make sure to keep the eco-fashion questions coming!