Baby Got Back: Toyota Drops Hints of New Prius

Baby Got Back: Toyota Drops Hints of New Prius

ByGroovy Green Feb 20, 2007

Toyota understand that the Prius line is in need of an update. Rumors have circulated for the better part of a year about a 100mpg plug-in monster set to “redefine the hybrid” industry.

Now, Toyota is set to release a concept car at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show next month that many believe is a precursor to the 2008 model Prius. So much interest is building, that Toyota is even releasing teaser pics like the one above. Curvy, isn’t it? Looks a bit more aerodynamic as well…

From the press release,

“Toyota is using the show to restate its commitment to finding and implementing solutions that make cars less of an environmental burden. Toyota’s world-leading Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology is at the core of this strategy as it moves along the path towards the ultimate eco-car.

Geneva Motor Show 2007 will mark the world premiere of Hybrid X – a concept car that proposes a new design language for hybrid models while also acting as a technology showcase for future hybrid cars.”

We’ll know in a few weeks! Stay tuned. That 2008 model you’ve been dreaming about is right around the corner….