UPDATED: Making Homemade Laundry Soap

UPDATED: Making Homemade Laundry Soap

ByGroovy Green Sep 14, 2007

Last night after cooking supper I decided to cook up a batch of laundry soap. A friend had sent me the recipe for homemade laundry soap a while back and I’ve been anxious to try it since. I followed the recipe shown here (if you check the comments there is even one for a dry laundry soap.)

eco friendly soapFirst things first, I got some water boiling and started to carve up the bar of soap. We used Caress, which I don’t recommend, the smell was overpowering. And it reminded me of my grandmother too much. If you purchased a bar of eco friendly soap you’d be in even better shape. Or a local bar of soap would be good too.

eco friendly soapAfter the soap has boiled and melted into the hot water you pour it into your large bucket and mix it up. Then stir in one cup of washing soda.

After that’s finished you can stir in your borax (if you are using it) and you let it rest and cool overnight. Then it’s ready to use. Click over to the link for more information about the specifics.

The author estimates that the cost of this soap is 3 cents a gallon. Now that’s a big savings! Give it a try today!

eco friendly soap

UPDATE:  I wanted to add today, that we’ve been using this since it was made and it works fantastic.  I have two little boys at home and this gets out the stains just fine.  Our clothes are just as clean as they’ve ever been.