The Beauty of Frameless Glass Showerscreens

The Beauty of Frameless Glass Showerscreens

ByGroovy Green Nov 16, 2012

If you are designing a new home or renovating the bathroom, you may want to consider installing frameless glass shower screens. This modern bathroom trend is one that is sure to last as people find out all the benefits.  One is that you can see right to the end of the bathroom so the perceived distance is greater, meaning your bathroom looks a lot larger.

The beauty of using frame-less glass for the walls and door in your bathroom renovation, is that glass is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials there is.  Of course, it doesn’t break down in landfill ever, but it can be totally reused and there is an increasing number of recycling plants springing up to do that very thing. The heat needed to remelt glass is not nearly as high as it is to make it in the first place. And the strength of glass is not compromised by the recycling process. Whatever is made from it will be just as strong and last just as long as the first item.

At least some councils are now providing sorting bins for glass waste to make the recycling process easier and more sustainable.  Glass comes from sand and while there seems to be no shortage of that, recycling glass is the best way to keep it out of landfill, where it can last for hundreds of years.

Another good thing about installing glass shower screens is that you minimise the use of other materials. All that is needed are a few short chrome or stainless steel holders to ensure the sheets of glass stay upright. It is strong enough to support itself, does not need painting or any other kind of maintenance, and it easy to clean, especially if you use a rubber scraper to remove water drops.

You may think that such a shower stall will be easily broken, but toughened glass is truly tough. It can be dropped on cement without breaking, so it is strong enough to withstand almost any treatment it might receive in the bathroom.

We tend to think of glass as not very durable because it breaks easily and that is true of ordinary glass that is used for dishes and for drinking out of, but toughed glass is a different matter altogether. It will certainly withstand the test of time and meanwhile, your bathroom will look truly beautiful.

It is not a bit difficult to find ways and means of being environmentally friendly. Simply do a little research online and find out which materials are considered to be friendly to the environment in some way. You are sure to find glass is up there on or near the top of the list along with steel.