Supreme Court To Decide If Bush Should Pay Attention To Emissions Control

Supreme Court To Decide If Bush Should Pay Attention To Emissions Control

ByGroovy Green Jun 26, 2006

Let’s see: a conservative court, a conservative congress, a conservative administration—something tells me this isn’t going to change anything. Up for discussion is whether or not the Bush Administration must regulate CO2 to combat global warming. A dozen states, several cities, and environmental groups have convinced the Supreme Court to take up the case–after a divided lower court ruled against them. The administration continues to push forward on the claim that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant under the Federal Clean Air Law–and even if it was, the EPA would have discretion over whether to regulate it or not. (Riiiggghhhttt…I’m sure the EPA in not influenced in any way by this administration) From the article,
“In their appeal, the states argued that the case ‘’goes to the heart of the EPA’s statutory responsibilities to deal with the most pressing environmental problem of our time’’ — the threat of global warming.

The administration countered that the EPA should not be required to ‘’embark on the extraordinarily complex and scientifically uncertain task of addressing the global issue of greenhouse gas emissions’’ when other, voluntary ways to address climate change are available.”

Some will remember that during Bush’s first run for the presidency, he expressed support for regulating carbon dioxide. Of course, shortly after gaining the oval office, we withdrew that support in favor of voluntary plans and other measures that would not hurt business profits. Like I mentioned previously, I think we’re going to have to wait until the next administration enters office to see any real change take place on the global warming front. At least, that’s where my hope springs eternal at the moment.