Solar-Powered Sleeve Coming To iPhone, Blackberry, Other Mobile Handhelds

Solar-Powered Sleeve Coming To iPhone, Blackberry, Other Mobile Handhelds

ByGroovy Green Jul 29, 2009

We’ve seen plenty of solar-charger accessories for mobile phones and other gadgets, but this is the first one that appears to attach seamlessly. Created by product design firm MotionTouch for a company called Powcell, this solar-powered sleeve slides onto the back of a mobile phone handset and uses light to charge the unit.

The large solar panel provides the greatest surface area for light-capture and maximises the sleeve’s efficiency, including working in some ambient light conditions. And Powcell continues to charge its internal battery even when removed from the phone – so when reconnected it provides talk-time even if the device battery is exhausted.

Ahead of full production the sleeve has attracted considerable interest from major phone manufacturers, which have even approached Powcell about sleeves for future, yet-to-launch models of their phones.

Henry Powell, Client Director of MotionTouch says “Dispensing with the need for plug-in chargers makes Powcell a ground-breaking eco-product. And the ability to provide power for that crucial call, even when your phone is flat, makes it an essential accessory. We are very excited to have been so involved in this unique product that could change the future of mobile technology.”

We admit it’s a nice design — but some users will definitely be turned off by the added bulkiness; albeit minor compared to other options. The greatest leg-up here is the ability to have a backup battery source when you need it — and using clean energy to power your phone. It’s not for everyone, but it’s one of the best designed solar accessories we’ve seen yet.

Powcell expects to release the iPhone unit soon — with other phone models available shortly after.