New Study Says Wind A Cheaper, Efficient Alternative To Nuclear

New Study Says Wind A Cheaper, Efficient Alternative To Nuclear

ByGroovy Green Jul 12, 2007

A report commissioned in the Netherlands and leaked to a Dutch newspaper confirms that wind power will quickly replace nuclear energy as the fossil fuel alternative of choice. The researchers concluded that not only will technological advances in the coming years make wind financially competitive but also security costs tied to nuclear energy will further add to the value. From the article,

“According to the report by the Energy Research Centre (ECN), the cost price of electricity production – around 6.6 euro-cents per kilowatt hour – is already comparable.

However nuclear power is more expensive if the additional costs of security against terrorist attacks is taken into account. Meanwhile technological advancement will make wind power increasingly cheaper in the coming years.

The report was commissioned by one of the social and economic council (SER), one of the government’s most important advisory bodies, which is currently looking into whether the Netherlands should expand its nuclear power production. It currently has just one plant located at Borssele.”

Very interesting. Obviously, wind power is dependent on geographic conditions to function properly — but as efficiency and technology increase, the idea of wind farms as safe and reliable alternative to nuclear power will start to make financial and social sense. Will this do anything to squash the debate over nuclear as the energy source of the future? Absolutely not. That industry is still pushing ahead with plans to increase safety, find solutions to waste disposal, and position itself to be a major player in the future energy needs of the world. Efficiency, safety, and especially cost will ultimately decide which industry will lead.