Monsanto, How Evil Are Thee? Let me Count The Ways

Monsanto, How Evil Are Thee? Let me Count The Ways

ByGroovy Green Apr 6, 2008

Vanity Fair has a great article on their site featuring one of our favorite corporate villains, Monsanto. It is truly astounding the amount of evil doing that this one company can engage in.

From a business standpoint Monsanto certainly has the right to patent their genetically modified seeds, and profit and protect their profits with litigation from their business developments. But they do not have the right to give us products that suck. Their products suck. They spread all over the countryside. They don’t stay contained. In short, they act like plants. (Amazing, I know)

Monsanto as a company lies, incredibly, about what they are doing. They bribe officials around the world and they seem to treat the world as their toilet. That’s not right for the rest of us.

When their seeds are let loose Monsanto does have the right to ensure that farmers are buying their seeds through proper channels. But they do not have the right to coerce, threaten or harass farmers. We have a legal system for a reason. They certainly do not have the right to chase after farmers who are just victims in their (Monsanto’s) inability to control the seeds. (like this poor farmer) If they can’t keep their seeds under control then they should not be allowed to produce them. So far our government has failed to protect us in this endeavor.

The easiest way to force them to stop this nonsense is to stop being involved with them. Buy only organic food. Don’t eat CAFO meat, which is stuffed with GM corn and soybeans. Don’t use ethanol, which is made from GM corn. (Same with biodiesel) Stop buying vegetable oils from GM seeds. Use organic cotton. Monsanto is trying to make inroads on GM sugar beets, and if they do start buying organic sugar. Even better, let the candy companies know that you don’t want GM sugar. They have the power to stop it.

You have the power to change this too. Just change your consumption patterns.