Mileage Improvements By Driving Less And Driving Slower

Mileage Improvements By Driving Less And Driving Slower

ByGroovy Green Jul 29, 2008

Back in April, I began an exercise in driving less and driving with fuel economy in mind. What I learned surprised me. Simple, obvious steps made the most difference. I drive a 98 Oldsmobile Alero and before I began, I was getting about 27 MPG, now I am up to 34 MPG. That’s a 7 MPG savings, using simple steps anyone can do.There are groceries, banks and just about everything I need within walking distance from work, so as a rule, I drive to work, then I drive home and that’s it. I occasionally drive to run some errands (there is only so much walking one can do on a lunch hour).

I began turning off the car at train crossings, or when stuck in a traffic jam, but the biggest jump occurred after slowing down to 60 MPH. I went from 29 MPG to 34 MPG. That’s huge.

Also, I rode my bicycle over 120 miles in June, and I’m well on my way to matching that for July. That’s trips to the hardware store, bank, goodwill, and beer runs (all within about 3 miles of my house). At 34 MPG, bicycling alone has saved 3 1/2 gallons of gas, or almost a 1/3 of a tank. That’s amazing!

A 7 MPG increase and 120 miles LESS driving per month (maybe more!) , just by slowing down to 60 MPH and riding my bike. It can’t get any easier than that!

I was also hoping to put less miles on he car over the course of the month, but I forgot to tell my wife about my project. She and I had discussed that fact that my car gets better mileage than her van, so she began driving my car more, so total miles drives per month varies for April, May and June.

I’m not the only one seeing these kinds of results. How much can you save?