La Cense Grass Fed Beef – Review and Giveaway!

La Cense Grass Fed Beef – Review and Giveaway!

ByGroovy Green Oct 9, 2008

Vote La Cense!  That is the motto of the cattle ranchers of La Cense cattle ranchers.  They are trying to educate the public in the benefits of grass-fed beef, and Angus La Cense is their (fictional?) candidate in the Grass-Fed Party…

Who is Angus La Cense? 

Angus La Cense is a cow from the La Cense Ranch who is representing the Grass-fed Party in the upcoming election.  He is an advocate of grass-fed practices that produce happier cows, healthier people, stronger rural communities, and healthy grasslands.

What is the Grass-fed Party?

The Grass-fed Party is an organization of people who support grass-fed foods and sustainable ranching and believe that America can hold higher standards to its cattle industry.   The Grass-fed Party empowers citizens with the knowledge necessary to make the best choices, whether their role is the feed a family or help make new policies that work.   The Grass-fed Party supports putting traditional ranching practices back in rural America to help the smaller communities thrive, to help preserve and enrich ranchlands, and to help cows eat according to their natural diets and have access to clean air and water. 

I like his platform (emphasis mine).

La Cense sent my wife and I a package of steaks and burgers to try out.  We are both well acquainted with the grass-fed movement.  We purchased a share of a cow with friends almost a year ago, and have just received a replacement order this past week.  So we know what good, local, humanely raised meat tastes like.  La Cense did not disappoint.  We received a strip steak, 2 petite sirloins, and many packages of burgers.  All came flash frozen and labelled in a large styrofoam cooler.  After considering the limited options available to frozen beef distributors, I decided to let that one slide.  (Perhaps they could have a take back program in the future?  or at least the cooler could be re-used by the purchaser – maybe a sticker that says “clean me out and reuse me on your next picnic?”)  On to the good stuff.


I cooked up the strip steak and petite sirloin for dinner this week.  We served it with homemade french onion soup, and a baguette.  I kept the seasonings mild on the steaks to get a true taste of the beef.  We paired it with a red wine that was, how can I say… the only bottle of wine in the house.  Which, worked surprisingly well with the meal.  The steaks were juicy and excellent.  The strip steak was tender and delicious with a small strip of fat around it.  (I personally believe that the taste difference between grass-fed and industrial beef is more pronounced in the fat than the meat itself.  Ummm… grizzle…)  The petite sirloin was meaty but not tough, a perfect sandwich steak sliced or even standing alone for dinner.  The burgers we’ll cook up with friends, I am sure that they’ll be just as good.  I think that La Cense is a great option for those who do not have a local connection for humanely raised meat, and is a much better option for those that regularly use companies like Omaha Steaks.

Now the part that you’ve been waiting for… our contest.  La Cense is giving away a package of grass-fed meat to one lucky winner.  They’ll get 1 petite sirloin and 2 burger patties.  To give the company its money worth (or beef worth), the contest will run like this:

  1. Leave a comment here to let us know you’d like to be considered for the contest.
  2. Go to and look around find out what the first “Cowcus” was all about and where it was held.  (It’s not hard to find.)
  3. email steve [at} groovygreen {dot] com with you answer.
The winner will be chosen in one week at random from the correct responses, and receive some free delicious grass-fed beef.  Good luck!