Kate Bosworth Litters at Global Cool

Kate Bosworth Litters at Global Cool

ByGroovy Green Aug 8, 2007

I can’t believe we are following up a happy green post on Orlando & Kate promoting the environment with this.

Says the Mirror:

Bloom was furious when Kate – who plays Lois Lane in Superman Returns – dropped some litter and a cigarette butt at a green charity’s rock festival in Japan. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star was embarrassed because he was there to make a speech…

Our source revealed: “Japan’s very clean and everybody carries around disposable ash trays to stub out their cigarettes.”

“Orlando had a massive go at her. He said they were meant to be there to promote the environment and she was chucking litter around. There was a lot offing and blinding. Kate kept saying ‘nobody saw, I don’t know what your problem is’.”

Orlando, 29, had planned to be at the festival for two days. But they cut short the trip and flew to Tokyo where Kate, 23, was plugging Superman.

We hope the lovebirds don’t let a bit of litter come between them…

As for these “ashtrays to go” that were mentioned? The pouch says: ”The earth is not your ashtray.”  Well, actually, it says, “The earth is ont your ashtray,” but we get the picture.

We need this to become popular in the US. Maybe then we’ll stop catching these “green” celebrities, RED-handed.