Iowa State Fair Builds Wind Turbine To Power Rides, Grounds

Iowa State Fair Builds Wind Turbine To Power Rides, Grounds

ByGroovy Green Aug 4, 2007

You know the fair is coming to town when flatbed trucks loaded with rides guaranteed to make you sick start appearing. This year in Iowa, another thing that spins is making an appearance — the creation of a 133ft. tall wind turbine for the Iowa State Fair.

Built by MidAmerican Energy Co. as part of its Renewable Advantage Program, the turbine will power all the rides and grounds for the extent of the fair. According to installers, the entire site could be taken off-grid as a result. We’re guessing this is a 1.65MW variety turbine. From the article,

“Officials with MidAmerican say they hope the turbine also will help educate fairgoers about wind energy. ‘The state fair is traditionally someplace where Iowans have come to view something for the first time,’ said Allan Urlis, a MidAmerican spokes-man. Iowa is now the nation’s third largest producer of wind energy, behind Texas and California.”

A temporary education center is planned next to the wind turbine this year, with plans for a more permanent setup in the works. I love this idea — in fact, much like the giant crane trucks we have for all methods of construction, how difficult would it be to modify them as wind turbines? These portable “generators” could then be setup at functions like fairs and help assist in energy production. Three or four additional flatbeds loaded with PV Panels could round out the system. Crazy? Give it a couple of years.