How to be Sustainable with Property Maintenance

How to be Sustainable with Property Maintenance

ByGroovy Green Oct 17, 2014

Perth property maintenance is something that should always be done on a regular basis if you want your home and property to look cared for and its value sustained.

Property owners can hire a professional property maintenance company to ensure their property is kept in tip-top condition. Often, the cheapest way to get it done is to hire a professional handyman, who can care for the garden, do the mowing and also do any other maintenance tasks that crop up.

This is the kind of maintenance that is sustainable or eco-friendly. When you have someone to care for your gardens, they will soon be covered with compost and mulch and that will save on a great deal of water, not to mention fertiliser. Unnecessary fertilisers get washed into the waterways and is thought to be responsible for the death of some of our beautiful coral reefs. You can’t get much more environmentally friendly than taking steps to reduce use of purchased fertiliser.

However, there are several other ways in which professional property maintenance can benefit the environment.

  • An automatic irrigation system will save water usage – and wastage – especially if you get the kind that senses when water is needed and if rain is likely. It may cost a bit more to start with, but you’ll be saving quite a bit on the cost of water. And every bit saved helps water reservoirs to remain at a good level in dry times.

  • A professional gardener will ensure the right plants are placed in the right positions for maximum growth. Healthy plants are more resistant to disease, saving on the use of poisons to cure fungicide or other plant diseases.
  • The lawn will be tended with care so it doesn’t dry off and die in patches that will then be filled with weeds which will need more poisons used to get rid of them.
  • If repairs are done promptly on the property it will save on more costly repairs further down the track. A small leak in the plumbing can cause a lot of trouble with rotting framework or compromised foundations, depending on where the leak is. Leaving it means that more product is needed for the repair when it is finally done, as well as that higher cost.
  • Property maintenance can also include fencing the boundary or repairing a fence. If not done pets can get lost and some pets will eat lizards, birds or other native Australian species if they are hungry and unable to access their normal food. They may even go wild if they cannot be found quickly. This can result in a great loss. In fact, feral cats account for the extinction of several species of tiny birds or animals.

Once you know your property is in good hands as far as maintenance goes, you will have peace of mind that you are doing your bit to conserve the environment.