How to be Environmentally Friendly with Scaffolding

How to be Environmentally Friendly with Scaffolding

ByGroovy Green Jul 6, 2012

If your company is looking for ways to be environmentally friendly, that is all to the good, because many people prefer to deal with a business that takes care of the environment.  If you have to make or use scaffolding, there are ways in which you can be eco-friendly right on your doorstep.

For a start, using strong steel to make it will not only ensure safety for all those who must use it, but means it will last longer. You can then deconstruct the structure after use and re-use it elsewhere. It can be used many times over and if you store it out of the weather it will last for an even longer time. This will reduce your costs as well as reducing the cost of purchasing more steel to make more.

Steel is highly recyclable even though it doesn’t break down in landfill quickly. In fact, it can take years for it to rust away. But it can be melted down and reused to make many other things. Better still, this can be done over and over with the last item made from it being just as strong as the first one.

It is strong, durable and needs little maintenance over its lifetime. However, it can corrode if used in a marine environment, so some kind of finish is needed to help it last longer. Powder coating or painting on a regular basis will help to keep it in top shape. Steel is rather heavy, but it can span quite a long distance without support, so it is well liked in the industry for this alone.

When you make scaffolding, it is essential to do it to an engineer’s specification to be totally safe.  It can be used to support builders of high rise and other buildings, in bridgework, for building ships and for plant maintenance to name just a few. Without steel we would all be the worse off and many high-rise buildings and other projects would remain on the drawing board.

Steel is made from iron ore, of which Australia has plenty for the moment, even though a lot of it is shipped overseas.  Mining iron ore may not seem very environmentally friendly, but it is an essential part of filling our needs in many ways. The main thing is for the mining company to adopt environmentally sound practices such as reducing dust and when the mining site is done, refill the ground with good soil so that grass and bushes can grow back over it.

Then it won’t be just an ugly hole in the ground where nothing can grow or survive and no human or animal can live due to the dusty, arid conditions.