How to be Eco Friendly with Home Renovations

How to be Eco Friendly with Home Renovations

ByGroovy Green Jul 9, 2016

When you are planning a home renovation it is very exciting, especially if it is for your own home. It is wonderful to see the change as the home renovation progresses and know that it will really enhance your lifestyle.  You can be eco- friendly with home renovations during the equipment hire phase as well as in choosing building materials and finishes.

Choosing the right equipment for the job is essential and will save time as well as help to reduce the impact the renovation has on the environment around you. Plant hire need not be difficult; the hiring company will help you choose the best machine for the job.

You will also need to choose building materials that are eco-friendly. Bamboo is a good choice for kitchen cupboards and other built-ins. Bamboo grows quickly so it a renewable resource. You could also think about using recycled materials. There are many recycling places especially for builders and carpenters. You can find windows, doors, bath tubs, kitchen sinks and cupboards, flooring and left over cut timber from other home building projects. Why waste all that, especially when it will save money as well as the environment.

Sometimes you can even find perfectly good tins of paint in recycling centres, so taking a day to have a look around is not wasting time, it is saving money and being eco-friendly as well.

It may take a little more patience to source materials from a recyclers, but it is well worth it in the end. Such cupboards and floors can become a great talking point and help to preserve some of the history of the local area, especially if they come from a public building or a school.

Equipment hire can also include hiring of smaller machines such as saws, concrete mixers or helicopters to smooth and level the concrete after it has been laid. Most home renovators don’t have that kind of equipment and it really makes the job a lot easier if you have the right tool – and it saves a lot of cost, since those things are usually quite expensive to buy.

No one doing a renovation would even think about purchasing equipment when it is available for hire. Part of being eco-friendly is in doing a job in a way that saves resources, saves costs, or saves harm to the environment in some way.

Once you start thinking along these lines you will find being eco-friendly not only fun, but a good thing for you as it usually saves on your costs. When it can also make your job proceed more speedily and save the environment, it is a no-brainer to keep on with that line of thought and come up with even more ways to save.