How To Be Eco Friendly In The Office

How To Be Eco Friendly In The Office

ByGroovy Green Jan 12, 2017

These days, with just a little bit of effort, everything we do can be eco friendly to some extent, whether it is at home, or at a home or work office. You may have set up business as a digital marketing agency such as Slinky Digital and work on your computer all day long. If everyone does something to reduce their carbon footprint, the result will be incredible and our precious resources will last a lot longer.

If you have a computer, you will most likely also have a printer. Not all printers are efficient, but laser printers can be said to be better than inkjet printers because the ink will not smudge if it gets wet. So when you print out a sheet, you won’t have to reprint it due to any smudges, thus saving ink. And you can usually print more with one toner cartridge than one container of ink.

Another way to ensure your printer is eco friendly is to purchase one that spits out those pages quickly. All printers use power while they are printing; if a printer takes 30 or even 10 seconds to print one page of type, it will take a lot longer and so use more power than one that can print a page in 1 or 2 seconds. So it’s important to look at the specifications of a printer before you purchase it.

So look at the pages per minute the printer will do, but also look at what other features it has that you may need. Having a printer that can hold 250 pages is a lot more convenient than one which can only hold 10 pages.

Your printer should also have an ink or toner save mode so that you can print more for less of those documents that don’t have to be perfect. In-house documents don’t need to have full toner mode and they are still easily readable. Professional documents may need the full amount of toner.

Saving paper will make your home and office more eco friendly too. Simply use both sides of the paper in cases where it won’t matter. You can set up your printer to only print every second page in the document, then put the pager through again so it will print on the other side. This adjustment is done on your computer after clicking on Print. Just make sure you put the printed pages back in the right way, so it doesn’t come out upside down.

Lighting is another way to save on power. If you have lots of natural lighting in your home or office you won’t need to flick on the lights during daylight hours. These things may seem simple, but that’s what we want; simple ways to save our precious resources.