How an Enhanced Lifestyle is Part of Sustainability

How an Enhanced Lifestyle is Part of Sustainability

ByGroovy Green Dec 6, 2015

Sustainability is not just about saving the environment. Most people would agree that it includes enhancing your lifestyle in a way that is in line with sustainable practices. For instance, adding patios in Perth, pergolas or carports can enhance the lifestyles of many people; choosing the materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable then enhances and saves the environment.

There are other ways in which a patio or a pergola can be considered eco-friendly.

  • When you spend time outside, say for alfresco dining, you can enjoy the cool of the evening without having to run the air conditioner. This saves on your costs as well as saving the earth’s resources. You may think that it would only be a small saving, but if many people do it, that small amount grows exponentially.
  • Having a patio against the side of the home will also shade it and keep it cooler, reducing the need for the air conditioner to be on, so again, the environment and your budget are both winners.
  • Here’s another way a patio or pergola can be eco-friendly. Having children’s birthday parties in them will save a great deal of wear and tear on your carpets. Eventually, this will filter back to a few less carpets being needed, so all the power that is used to make them will be reduced.  This too, may seem like a saving too minimal to count, but when taken over the whole of the country it can really mount up.

  • Having a patio made with a steel frame is a sustainable choice because steel is completely recyclable as well as being strong, durable and low maintenance. And while you may wonder at the many tonnes of iron ore being sent overseas, it is nice to know that at least some of the product is being diverted to enhance the lives of Australians.

When looking at pre-made steel-framed patios, you may think they look rather small. However, they can be joined together to make a much larger addition to your home. You can also vary the style of the roof, using two or more different styles together. This offers many great options that will better suit the larger home, while still offering a smaller option for a home that is more modest.

After all, people all have similar needs for a place outside that offers shelter from sun and showers alike to relax and enjoy the cool evening.  Most need shade for the children to play under, a shelter from the hot sun for delicate plants and the need to extend their floor space without a costly renovation or expansion.  These needs can all be filled by adding a patio or pergola to your property.