Green Roof Proposed For Stretch Of California Highway

Green Roof Proposed For Stretch Of California Highway

ByGroovy Green Jan 25, 2008

This sounds like a wonderful idea — if anyone happens to have $200 million lying around.

A plan has been submitted to cover a stretch of California highway with a 24-acre park. It would be built on a deck constructed over the below-grade portion of the Hollywood Freeway (US-101). Organizers argue that by placing a “cap” over one of the world’s most congested freeway systems, the necessary ventilation system would clean the air before re-circulating it back into the environment — creating a positive improvement in air quality for LA. Additionally, the park would also provide a nexus between East Hollywood and Central Hollywood–”alleviating the strain on the community from the initial creation of the freeway through this section of Hollywood.” From the site,

The case for new parks in Los Angeles is perhaps the most compelling of any American metropolitan area. More than 1.5 million children in Los Angeles County do not live within walking distance of a public park, and existing park space is disproportionately concentrated in the region’s wealthy neighborhoods. As a result, studies based on U.S. Census Bureau data show that Latino, African-American, and Asian Pacific Islander youth are dramatically less likely than their White counterparts to enjoy access to open space, playgrounds, and other exercise facilities.

Apparently, the LA City Council have already approved $100,000 for a feasibility study. If everything goes well — and the funding comes through — we could see a construction start on the project in 2010 — with completion in 2012. It’s certainly a creative idea for more green space — and if any state could actually come through on something like this it would be California.