Eco Fashion Q&A: Sustainable Skivvies

Eco Fashion Q&A: Sustainable Skivvies

ByGroovy Green Apr 10, 2007

We have returned! New queries have been rolling in, and it is time to start posting some answers. This week’s question comes from e4 (aka Edson): How about green underwear?

Love it – short, sweet, and to the point. Oddly enough, I’ve been doing a fair amount of research on eco-undies in the past month, even being interviewed by a foreign magazine on the subject. Simply put, you’ve come to the right place. ;)

Anything that is going to come in direct contact with your private parts should be, above all, chemical-free. Organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp are the three most common sustainable fibers for green underwear, all of which are quite comfortable and long-lasting. Though finding these skivvies are not as easy as, say, organic cotton denim, the options are many. As the closest thing to your skin, you owe it to yourself to wear eco-undies.

The following is a list of brands that carry sustainable underwear. While most offer items for both men and women, a few are still ladies-only, which are marked with a (w).

+ American Apparel (in “Organics”)
+ bgreen
+ (w) Blue Canoe
+ (w) Stewart + Brown
+ (w) Ciel
+ (w) Enamore
+ Diety Aton
+ (w) Gaiam
+ Natural Collection
+ (w) Sweet Skins
+ Shirts of Bamboo
+ Satori Movement
+ Rawganique
+ People Tree
+ (w) Marfar Designs
+ (w) More Trees
+ Justice Clothing
+ Howies
+ HT Naturals
+ Green Knickers
+ Gossypium
+ g=9.8
+ (w) Hempest
+ Cottonfield USA

Vancouver-based organic cotton brand Twice Shy is also working a line of underwear for both men and women, due to be released later this year.

I hope that is enough of a low-down for you e4. Clearly, I did not discuss the overall benefit of sustainable fibers, but that particular information is available just about anywhere.

Questions are ALWAYS welcome, so feel free to leave a comment on any Eco Fashion Q&A post with your green style curiosities; your question will be used as the basis for a future post. Note: Questions are answered in the order they are received. :)