Designer Garden Pots and the Environment

Designer Garden Pots and the Environment

ByGroovy Green Sep 18, 2013

If garden pots had a pecking order, designer garden pots would be at the top and the humble black plastic ones would be at the bottom. As far as being eco-friendly is concerned, designer pots have it covered, while at the bottom of the list, not much can be said for black plastic except that it is re-usable to a certain extent. That is, it can be repainted and decorated to look much more attractive and to help it last longer.

However, when it comes to designer pots, plastic is not involved as such pots are made from more durable materials such as glazed terracotta which is baked clay, fibreglass and other materials. Some are made from concrete, which is really too heavy, especially if the pot is to go on a balcony or has to be moved around much.

Some designer pots are made from stone, an environmentally good choice, since there seems to be a never-ending supply of stone available. Harvesting stone does not harm the environment because nothing can grow where stone is. Even if it is underground, the roots of many larger plants such as trees will not be able to penetrate it.

Most of the materials that such pots are made from are highly durable; they have to be to survived the natural effects of soil, fertiliser and water that is in them for most of their life. They don’t need to be maintained in any way except for an occasional wipe over with a damp cloth on the outside to keep them clean and shiny. So you could say that such pots are sustainable and certainly friendly to the environment.

By using planter pots, you can bring greenery inside. It is a well known fact that having plants inside is good for the environment, taking out toxins in the air and replacing them with oxygen. In fact, even being able to see a green, living plant in the home or office does wonders for the way we feel. We seem to have a natural affinity to plants, perhaps because they are so important to the environment we live in.

They are also friendly to humans – at least, those humans who love to garden with pot plants. Seeing a beautiful pot filled with lush, green plants gives the gardener a deep sense of satisfaction and they can take pleasure in their creation for many weeks, or as long as the plant lives. Thus, they improve their life by having pots and plants in their living or working areas.

A person who has no such simple pleasures in their life must be a sad person. It has been proven that joy and pleasure in our life is essential to good health both physically and mentally. Even just a fleeting moment of pleasure as we glance at a pot plant helps to keep us healthy.