Are Concrete Swimming Pools Better Than Fibreglass

Are Concrete Swimming Pools Better Than Fibreglass

ByGroovy Green Jun 19, 2012

Many homeowners these days add a swimming pool to their property to enhance their lifestyle. Having a swimming pool gives the children a reason to leave their electronic devices and get some exercise, all in the name of fun. Most pool builders will tell you that concrete swimming pools have certain advantages over fibreglass.

If you look around at public swimming pools you will see they are made of concrete. This is because concrete is stronger and more durable than fibreglass. While the latter does have its good points, if you want something that is going to last you would choose the former.

Not all properties can be flat and even and not all blocks of ground are square or rectangular. Some have odd shapes that make it difficult to fit a pool in that comes in standard, stock sizes like fibreglass. This is where homeowners find a concrete pool more viable. Pool builders can make your concrete pool any size and shape to fit in a corner or anywhere you want it.

In addition, since the pool is being designed and built from the ground up, you can have a lot more accessories such as fountains, slides and underwater lighting in it. Concrete is a sustainable product made from limestone, of which there is plenty worldwide. It can also be made out of waste products from steel mills and power plants, making it even more environmentally friendly.

Any waste concrete from building sites or from concrete structures that are no longer needed can be crushed and used in a variety of ways, so it will not be taken to landfill. Even if it was, it would have little to no impact on the soil or waterways. So it is a very eco friendly material to use for any kind of building or paving.

Used in a swimming pool you will get many years of pleasure and satisfaction as your lifestyle will be greatly enhanced. You’ll be able to swim any time you like without having to travel through crazy traffic to crowded beaches. There are no rip tides to carry you away and no sharks to worry about. All you need to do is sit back and relax, float around on your pool pillow or have a great game of some kind with the kids. Of course, you can also swim if you want to.

Pool parties and alfresco meals will ensure that you and your family enjoy life. Being outside in the fresh air and sunshine is a healthier alternative to being inside day and night like many of us are. And you can always add a shade sail to protect against too much sun.