Amish Busted Over Raw Milk

Amish Busted Over Raw Milk

ByGroovy Green Jun 29, 2006

A recent article on the illegality of selling raw milk caught my eye.

“Arlie Stutzman was busted in a rare sting when an undercover agent bought raw milk from the Amish dairy farmer in an unlabeled container.”

On the surface it would seem that the government agency responsible for this sting has way too much time on its hands. Further investigation into unpasteurized milk reveals that it can carry harmful bacteria. It is also true however that the pasteurization of milk does has negative effects that are seldom discussed in the press.

The pasteurization of milk:

  1. Can be used as an excuse to sell low quality milk
  2. Can be used to cover up unhealthy milk production practices
  3. Destroys beneficial bacteria
  4. Reduces the nutritional value of milk
  5. Reduces the vitamin content of milk
  6. Destroys valuable enzymes
  7. Provides an excuse for harmful animal husbandry practices
  8. Diminishes the taste of the milk
  9. Provides a false sense of security in this fallible practice

In other words pasteurization destroys much of the goodness naturally embodied in milk.  For me the mandatory pasteurization of milk is another example of corporations in this country stripping Americans of their ability to take responsibility for our own actions. Choice always comes with risk. Why are we forced to accept this mechanical substitute for personal responsibility and the accountability of those who produce our milk? My guess would be because 4 corporations monopolize 70% of the milk production in this country. For them, convincing Americans that pasteurization is absolutely necessary is much easier than supporting local, responsible milk production.

If you’re interested I urge you to investigate all the arguments for and against raw milk. If you decide to try it make sure to visit the production facility and spend some time being conscientious about your choice of milk. Regardless of what you deiced it will feel wonderful to again gain control of what you drink with your cookies.

Link: Raw Milk Facts