5 Eco-friendly Tips For Cleaning Your Glass Pool Fences

5 Eco-friendly Tips For Cleaning Your Glass Pool Fences

ByGroovy Green Feb 15, 2019

Sustainable living has become the latest trend – for a very good reason! Without a significant portion of the world’s population adopting at least some sort of eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle, problems like climate change and toxic pollution will continue to grow in magnitude. Installing a glass pool fence has also become popular due to its relative sustainability and non-toxic composition.

However according to the experts at clearazglassfencing.com.au, glass pool fences need cleaning very regularly if they are to maintain their sparkly, trendy look. Cleaning glass is simple, but it can be hard to find the right eco-friendly methods to clean your pool fencing, especially if you’ve never really been taught different methods of environmentally friendly cleaning.

To help you clean your pool fences without releasing toxic chemicals and pollutants into the environment we’ve put together the following list of 5 tips:

  1. Use Warm Water & Natural Dish Washing Soap

As long as your glass pool fence isn’t too dirty, you should be able to clean them with a simple mixture of dish washing soap and warm water. Use a clean sponge and a simple shower squeegee to remove dust and grime without using and toxic chemicals.

  1. Use A Pressure Cleaner

If you’re glass is very dirty or hasn’t been washed for some time, then you should consider using a pressure cleaner to break up the bulk of the toughest dirt. Most glass pool fence panels are treated with some sort of nano protection, which means that they won’t be hurt by pressure cleaning. Blast your fence with the pressure cleaner and then move on to

  1. Use Newspaper

Although this may appear like a strange suggestion, newspaper is actually a great cleaning product when it comes to removing tough stains from the glass panels of your pool fence. Newspaper is super absorbent, but won’t release annoying fibres that will stick to the surface of your fence. You will essentially be recycling your old newspapers when you use them to clean your glass, making it a great eco-friendly option!

  1. Use Vinegar To Weaken Tough Stains

Vinegar is one of the best natural cleaning products, and can be used to weaken and loosen any tough patches of dirt or grime on your fence. Simply mix equal parts water and vinegar in a small spray bottle, squirt it onto the window, and scrub the area with a cloth or with newspaper.

  1. Use An Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaner

There are a wide range of natural, environmentally friendly glass cleaners on the market which can be used without having to worry about toxic chemicals. Use these for a sparkling, streak free finish.

Final Word

Sustainable living is becoming more popular every year, and the rise in popularity of glass pool fences is something of a reflection of this. Cleaning your glass fence regularly is essential if you want it to stay in good condition, but it’s important to do so without using toxic chemicals. The above tips should help you keep your fence sparkling without harming the environment!