The Selsam SuperTurbine Will Submerge During Rough Seas!

The Selsam SuperTurbine Will Submerge During Rough Seas!

ByGroovy Green Mar 29, 2008

The Selsam SuperTurbine is one of the best designs I’ve seen yet for a wind turbine that can survive the hostile open seas. It also looks like it might be a bit of a bitch to navigate through with a tanker — not to mention the description states “the SuperTurbine probably won’t sink a vessel.” Makes you feel warm and cozy inside, doesn’t it? Still, based on designs, it looks like the pitch of the turbine should be high enough to keep you safe.

The advantages of this design are many. First, during large and fierce storms, these deep water turbines may intentionally lay down by flooding chambers, or even completely submerge to survive. Bonus! Second, flotation near the surface forms a fulcrum, with the weight of the rotors and driveshaft balanced by a downward force from the mooring below. According to the site, this allows the turbine to bend similar to arching your back to take advantage of wind patterns much more easily. Additionally, the rotors can be staggered, spiral, or in line.

Of course, the addition of a blimp always makes things more interesting and the designers have integrated this accessory as well. “With addition of a blimp, the offshore Selsam SUPERTURBINE(TM) can become even more powerful. The thickened hollow base of the driveshaft is buoyant, spinning in the water, acting as the main bearings of the turbine, with the entire apparatus tethered by the relatively small bearings of the generator, located within the floating base.”

Selsam SuperTurbine

Instant awesome. Anti-wind folk will also appreciate the minimalist design of these turbines — which merge into the seascape from long distances.