Should You Use Natural Hair Care Products

Should You Use Natural Hair Care Products

ByGroovy Green Sep 5, 2018

More and more people are finally beginning to realise why it’s so essential to swap to natural hair care products. Aside from featuring organic and natural ingredients that are beneficial for your skin, hair, and body, they also don’t feature any harmful chemicals. Your everyday supermarket shampoo and conditioner still does.

Here’s what you may find lurking in your current hair care products. If that’s not enough to convince you of the benefit of a natural hair care regime, then nothing will.


Phthalates, in the scientific world, are known as endocrine disruptors. They mimic and interrupt hormone production, dramatically impacting men’s reproductive development. Yet, they continue to feature in a range of products. You can find them in your shampoo and conditioner to start with, but then you will notice them in laundry powder, deodorant, and almost anything with fragrance. While they can help to make things smell pretty, they are doing nothing to help your body.


While studies into parabens are not conclusive, there is some evidence to suggest that the use of parabens may increase the risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity. What’s more, in a British study in 2004, parabens were identified in breast tumours.

However, with research in various stages to prove parabens aren’t entirely safe, they still feature in body lotion, make up, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and even toothpaste. If you needed another reason to try natural hair care products, this might be it.


If you use supermarket shampoo, take a look at the label on the back. You are sure to find that it features either sodium laureth sulphate, sodium lauryl sulphate, or ammonium laureth sulphate. All three of these ingredients, while not known carcinogens are irritants – with ammonium laureth sulphate the worst of them all.

Their purpose is to split water and oil, separating out the dirt so the water in your shower can wash it away. However, while they do that, they are also stripping the natural oils out of your hair, increasing the risk of rashes and hives, and, for women, causing a vaginal pH imbalance. Where possible, opt for natural hair care products which are sulphate-free.

Supermarket shampoo and conditioner is inexpensive, which is why so many people buy it. But, did you know that natural hair care shampoo and conditioner can be too? The best part is, they are packed full of natural ingredients which are beneficial, rather than harmful, to your hair.