Groovy Video: Vectrix Electric Bike

Groovy Video: Vectrix Electric Bike

ByGroovy Green Sep 27, 2006

The electric car had its time a few years back and received a movie detailing its death. Investors in the next wave of electric-powered transportation are hoping that timing and technology will help prevent a sequel at the box office. Based in Europe, Vectrix is one such company banking on the power of a green, clean, electric bike to help reinvent the personal small transportation landscape — and keep oil executives awake at night worried about its potential. Groovy Green recently had the opportunity to visit the new Vectric production plant in New Bedford, Massachusetts. We test drove the new bikes (set for release in early 2007, Europe next month) and toured the assembly plant with V.P. of Technology, Peter S. Hughes. Below is our report — but stay tuned for more on Vectrix and other electric bikes hitting the scene in the next six months.

It should also be noted that all comments in this video are expressed by Groovy Green and are not the opinions of Vectrix Corp. There are also some corrections to the video: 1.) Vectrix is in fact not a European company, but an American one. 2.) The price of the Vectrix Maxi-Scooter is not $8,000 but $11,000.

UPDATE: We received some great feedback on this video in the form of cheers and grumbles. Obviously, declaring that you ‘won’t get a date on a Vespa’ was a bit of a mistake on my part. Episodes of Entourage dialogue and the beauty of this scooter overshadowed my appreciation of Vespa technology and the people who use them for daily commutes. I also launched my attacks against 2-stroke engines and the emissions they release. Several readers were helpful to point out that it’s rare to find anything but 4-stroke scooters for sale in the U.S. (better emissions control, greater mileage) My memories of visiting the Dominican Republic a couple years ago and the pollution and noise from their apparent 2-stroke contributed to my sentiments. Full apologies to 4-stroke scooter owners everywhere.