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The Benefits of Using Biodegradable Dental Materials

ByGroovy Green Jun 6, 2024

The Benefits of Using Biodegradable Dental Materials 

It is a known fact that dental practices produce a large amount of waste, much of which is not environmentally friendly.

However, in recent times growing awareness about climate change and environmental pollution has led to increased calls for eco-friendly or “green” dentistry.

A great way to heed this call, which is gaining momentum each day, is by using biodegradable dental materials. This will reduce the environmental impact of your practice as a dentist to a large extent. It will also enhance your appeal to environmentally-conscious patients.

Without mincing words, using biodegradable products is one of the easiest and most impactful steps Dental O So Gentle takes towards sustainability in dentistry.  However, some people may struggle to grasp the necessity of biodegradable dental materials.

Is it really important? Are there any benefits or positive outcomes to be derived from it? How do you build and maintain an interest in this eco-friendly initiative?

We shall discuss the answers to these necessary questions in this article.

Let’s start by addressing the front-burner question – What are biodegradable materials in dentistry?

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