Vectric Shareholder Report Shows Promise For Electric Super Bikes

Vectric Shareholder Report Shows Promise For Electric Super Bikes

ByGroovy Green May 2, 2007

The Vectrix shareholder report for April 2007 just dropped into my lap. Besides some beautiful eye candy, the document lays out some important milestones reached by the company; as well as future developments underway for the vehicle line. Here are some of the highlights:

>>Financially, Vectrix has firmed things up by appointing HSBC to undertake a strategic review which could lead to a flotation. Such a move could would see the company valued at up to 200m. Yee Haw. Additionally, the big V might put itself up for sale to attract a larger company or interested private party. We’ll keep our ears open on this one.

>>Besides its launch in the EU late last Fall, Vectrix now poised to push the new all-electric bikes in the UK (indeed, they launched yesterday) and in the U.S. by the end of June. Over 2,100 customer reservations in the U.S. alone are waiting to be fulfilled. The first 700 scooters allocated for the American market will see a roll out in major U.S. cities so as to increase visibility of the product. Look for the bikes in Seattle, Austin, Portland, San Francisco, Newport, and other locales. By the end of 2007, there will be up to 50 official Vectrix dealers in 8 countries (Italy, Spain, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Australia, and USA). Plans are already underway to expand distribution to Japan, France, Germany, and Israel.

>> Talk about green. The Vectrix All-Electric scooter has been given a has a Cleaner Drive Rating of 3, compared with a rating of 32 for a 4-stroke 250 c.c. motorcycle, 58 for a large family car, and 71 for an SUV. The European Union the developed the Cleaner Drive Rating to study overall carbon impact and tailpipe emissions for different types of vehicles.

>> In the quest to create a closed-circuit system of sustainability and clean energy, Vectrix has entered into a partnership with Parker Hannifin to develop a patented docking station that will secure and charge the Vectrix scooter. Imagine a number of these setup along highways or outside of hotels for quick, clean charging. Granted, the practicality of having these in the U.S. would be limited (scooters are not as popular here as elsewhere around the world) — but coupled with other electric vehicles in the future, this might become a reality for some. Very cool idea. I wonder what the charge time on something like that would be to 80%….

>> Vectrix is also continuing their work with Parker Hannifan on the development of fuel-cell scooter. This would provide extended range and flexibility of charge (plug-on or fuel cell). A three-wheeled version of the Maxi Scooter; as well as Premium version and “Sport Motorcycle” concept are also in the works.

>> Between 2002-2006, Australia, Spain, Canada, and France exhibited the strongest growth in scooter sales. Food for thought. The powered two-wheeler market in Italy was valued at more than $2.9 billion in 2006.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on any more developments. Are you on the list for a Vectrix Maxi-Scooter?