The Pentagon Is The Largest Consumer Of Oil In The World

The Pentagon Is The Largest Consumer Of Oil In The World

ByGroovy Green Sep 27, 2007

Some interesting facts to pass along regarding the US Military and its consumption of oil. According to a Energy Bulleting report from earlier this year, the Pentagon is the world’s largest consumer of oil. In fact, there are only 35 countries (out of 210) in the world that consume more oil per day than the Pentagon. Here’s the breakdown:

>>Fiscal Year 2006 the Pentagon consumed 320,000 barrels per day of site delivered oil, compared to about 360,000 barrels per day in 2005. While consumption may have gone down, prices skyrocketed from $8.5 billion in ‘05 to $17 billion in ‘06.

>>These figures do not include oil for “fuel obtained at no cost overseas, fuel consumed by contractors, fuel consumed in some leased and privatized facilities, and not last but least oil consumed by certain leased and rented fleet vehicles.”

>>The DESC alone spends $1 million per day for transporting fuel to delivery points.

>>Each $10 per barrel increase in oil prices costs the U.S. military an additional $1.3 billion dollars.

>>Except for 80 nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers, almost all military fleet run on oil.

According to a Pentagon report published this year, the military in Iraq and Afghanistan is using 16 times more fuel per soldier than during the second World War. Incredible. The next time anyone questions whether the Iraq war had anything to do with oil, be sure to point them to these figures. To say we have an addiction to oil is an understatement. If anyone wants to cripple us, putting a dent on the more than 320,000 barrels of oil a day the Pentagon uses would certainly do it.