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I Like Peak Oil Preparation Posts

ByGroovy Green Nov 6, 2006

Here’s another good one courtesy of Rob Hopkins of Transition Culture – His interview of Bob Flowerdew, “one of the UK’s best known organic gardening writers and broadcasters.” It runs the gamut, from what skills we need in the future, looking at the basics in life, to making candles, finding heat supply for winter, and local food production. It’s a really good interview, and since it is an “exclusive”, I won’t generously borrow in blockquote, but just direct you over there for a look. The interesting take that Mr. Flowerdew adds to the conversation, is that he believes that we should be looking more at fruits rather than veggies to solve our local food production issues. I will give you just a taste of his realist look at our future:

We will not win the world over by making them live on gerbil food and wear a loincloth. You get people by winning them over one bit at a time.

I guess my organic bamboo loincloth business idea is out then. Great work as always, Rob.