Making Your Wedding Photographs Sustainable

Making Your Wedding Photographs Sustainable

ByGroovy Green Dec 9, 2010

A wedding is a wonderful time that should be enjoyed by all. If you are into sustainability you’ll want to add some ideas for keeping your wedding eco-friendly. It’s not as hard as you may think. One thing common to all weddings is the photographer. Many commercial photographers don’t use digital cameras, so you might want to think about having a photo booth at the reception instead. Why?

A photo booth is digital, so there are no poisonous chemicals being used to develop the film and no paper wasted printing out photos that you might feel are not just what you want. Rather, you can download your photos straight from the internet and examine them carefully before choosing which ones to print out.

In fact, you can also choose not to print any, but to have them all placed onto a CD or DVD or other media – even a coffee mug – so you can enjoy them whenever you like or send them to friends and family who couldn’t be at the wedding, for gifts. Besides, printed photos are at risk of loss or degradation over the years, while a DVD will last for a long time with the images on it always looking just as fresh and new as the day they were taken.

And with printed photos, you need to have them in an album of some kind to keep them safe, but the glue or sticky corners used to hold them in place will not stay intact over the years either, so the photos are at risk of being lost or damaged once again.

As with many sustainable choices, having a booth for photos ends up being cheaper, so you will save on your wedding costs as well as doing your bit for Mother Earth. Apart from that, people who have their photos taken using a photo booth feel more relaxed, so the actual photos look much more natural.

This is because there is no photographer looking at them and trying to get them to pose. Instead, they can use the many props available with the booth to dress up and make a really fun photo. Your wedding guests will be laughing a lot and so will look much more like their natural selves.

There are many other ways in which you can make sustainability part of your wedding celebration. Choosing recycled paper, re-usable decorations and even a venue that encourages and practices recycling is not difficult and will help to conserve the earth’s resources in many ways.

You will then feel satisfied that you are still doing your bit to keep the environment clean and preserve some of the many wonderful resources that our planet has been blessed with.