How to Have an Environmentally Friendly Holiday

How to Have an Environmentally Friendly Holiday

ByGroovy Green Dec 27, 2016

According to villa booking experts Easy Bali Villas when you book one of the many villas in Bali for your holiday, you may not think about being environmentally friendly, but sustainable living should be done in every country, not just the one you live in. Many people don’t consider it necessary to practice sustainability when they go overseas, but it is still just as important and can save you money as well.

So just how can you be environmentally friendly while on holidays? There are plenty of opportunities.

  • Don’t scatter your rubbish around. Instead, look for a bin, even if it is out of your way. If there are none in sight, keep your rubbish and dispose of it in a bin at your accommodation.
  • If you are purchasing gifts to take home, make them environmentally friendly choices. They should have been make in a sustainable way and be useful, rather than junk that will end up in the bin.
  • Purchase goods made locally and this includes food. Local products have not had to be shipped to Bali, so they have a smaller carbon footprint. Besides, Bali has some of the best food ever.
  • Don’t use expensive, glossy wrapping paper for your gifts as much ends up in landfill. Instead, place the gift in a nice bag that can be reused and recycled.
  • Purchase only one gift per person. Let’s face it, our kids get many presents; they don’t need to be inundated with more just because you took them on holiday. Consider the holiday itself as their gift.
  • Rather than buying a heap of cards to send back home, send digital ones. If you don’t want to go digital, use cards made with recycled paper.

  • When you eat at your villa, put all the waste in a bin and don’t leave it lying around on the lawn or floor.
  • Don’t waste the hot water by staying in the shower for ages.
  • Choose eco friendly entertainment such as going on an eco friendly forest walk and learning how animals and their environment are cared for.
  • Avoid tourist destinations that obviously do nothing to care for their animals or the For instance, elephant parks often take baby elephants off their mothers and keep them confined in close quarters for months to tame them enough for visitors to ride on. This is cruel.

Some of these tips are easy to do; others – like the last two – require a little research. But if you are reading this, you obviously have access to a computer and internet connection, so it won’t be difficult to find out about what is happening in your holiday destination. It’s a good idea to also make sure it is a safe place to holiday in, with no political unrest or typhoons likely.