0.1 kWh/day Refrigerator

0.1 kWh/day Refrigerator

ByGroovy Green Oct 4, 2006

I guess that this “hack” from a chest freezer to a super-efficient refrigerator has been around for a year or so (2005). This just proves that you have to poke around to find something good, and when you do share it with others. (I wonder if the folks from path to freedom have seen this one yet.)

I found Mt. Best via farmlet, 2 great new sites to bookmark (new to me anyways), both out of NZ.

Here’s what they have to say about their fridge:

” My chest fridge (Vestfrost freezer turned into a fridge) consumes about 0.1 kWh a day. It works only about 2 minutes per hour. At all other times it is perfectly quiet and consumes no power whatsoever. My wind/solar system batteries and power-sensing inverter simply love it.

It is obvious that a truly energy efficient fridge does not cost any more money than a mediocre one. It actually costs less. It also has extra features, such as digital temperature display that gives you full control on the temperature settings inside.”

For the electronically inclined, Mt. Best has a link to a .pdf file with detailed information on how to make your own thermostat.

It is innovations like these that make you think, hmmm… maybe people that are “running things” aren’t that smart. If someone can hack a efficient freezer and cut 90% of an appliances energy use, what other appliances could be improved upon? I love that there are people in this world that are not satisfied with the status quo, and instead of waiting for a new energy efficient model to come out, are just building their own.